AIC Ecumenical Service Launches 2024 Sporting Year

The AIC sporting year was launched on Thursday 1 February, with the annual AIC Ecumenical Service being hosted by St Peters. The Ecumenical Service celebrates the Christian bond that exists between all member Colleges and gives student and staff representatives from each school an opportunity to come together as a community before competition commences this weekend. It was wonderful to again welcome Ambrose Treacy to the event as a guest member of the Association.

During the service, a student representative shared to the gathering a symbol from their respective school that highlighted the theme of “Grow Together”. Wonderful stories were shared of the growth that occurs everyday in the AIC community. As part of the liturgy, host school St Peters gifted to each school a white rose bush- symbolic of the Luther Rose. The rose bush will be taken back to each College and planted, acting as a living symbol of growth in each community and as a reminder of each school’s commitment to our Association.

After the Ecumenical Service, special guest Karni Liddell presented to the students on her life journey and the challenges she has faced and overcome. The presentation was inspirational for all, and the messages learnt will be taken back to each school by attendees.

The Association would like to thank the staff and students of St Peters for hosting this wonderful event. Special thanks to Karni Liddell for the inspirational presentation that will have a lasting impact on the students present.