Volleyball Season Review

In 2024, close to 2000 boys participated in the AIC Volleyball season. All schools were well represented across the year levels. The atmosphere inside AIC Volleyball venues is always exciting, particularly with the closeness of games and final sets being decided by the barest of margins. It is wonderful to see the commitment of AIC schools in giving opportunities to their students though out the year by participating in Volleyball Queensland Schools Cup competitions showing clear benefits and development of the skills throughout the AIC season.

Aggregate Competition
The AIC Volleyball Aggregate competition is calculated by combining the final standings of the 7A/B, 8A/B, 9A/B, 10A/B, 11A and First VI/Second VI/Third VI premierships together. In unprecedented Volleyball Aggregate result, Iona College was crowned champions with a record score of 87 “Aggregate Points”. Iona was able to win or come 2nd or equal 2nd in eleven out of the twelve aggregate premierships. This an outstanding effort from the school and their 13th Aggregate Championship in the history of AIC – the most of any school. St Laurence’s finished 2nd and Padua in 3rd place. 

First VI Premiership
In a season that recorded more 5 set fixtures than many people can remember, Iona College was able to remain undefeated and secure the First VI Volleyball Premiership. An excellent team display which was built on strong defense which enabled the team good possession to build powerful attacks laid the foundation for the Iona team to win the premiership. Villanova and St Peters finished the season in second place in the First VI Premiership. 

Year Level Premierships
The depth of talent within AIC Volleyball is incredible. Competition is fierce in all divisions – from the First VI through to the 7D competition. This year, six out of the eight AIC schools were able to secure a Volleyball premiership.

Congratulations to the following Colleges who won premierships in the respective competitions.

Division Premiers
1st VI Iona College
2nd VI Iona College, Marist College Ashgrove
3rd VI St Laurence’s College
4th VI Marist College Ashgrove, St Laurence’s College
11A St Laurence’s College
11B St Laurence’s College
10A St Laurence’s College
10B Iona College
10C Iona College
10D Iona College
9A Iona College
9B Iona College
9C Iona College
9D Iona College, Padua College, St Laurence’s College
8A St Edmund’s College
8B Iona College
8C Iona College
8D Iona College
7A St Patrick’s College
7B Iona College, Padua College
7C St Laurence’s College
7D Iona College, St Edmund’s College

Thank you to all of the referees throughout the season. Thank you to all students and parents who assisted with score benches and lines officials.

Photo Gallery
Please enjoy the images below. These will be added to as photos become available from each College.