About AIC

For 25 years, AIC Sport has helped tens of thousands of students to grow together through respectful competition.

AIC is the largest private school sporting organisation in Queensland, offering 14 sports for its eight member Colleges. Our students grow in spirit, grow in resilience, grow in friendship and grow in stature. AIC Sport is inclusive, offering competition to students of all skill levels. Students can grow together from Year 5 to 12 in safe conditions receiving high-quality coaching and competing in first-class facilities.




Learning and growth through sport and competition.


To develop good and healthy young people of character through sport and competition within a Christian context.


The AIC will provide well-organised competitions in sport and other activities that foster participant engagement and pride in communities in a holistic Christian context. Our students, staff and families (both past and present) will nurture spiritual, moral, emotional, intellectual, physical, and social development through respectful and compassionate relationships in a safe environment.



The following guiding principles are demonstrated through respectful interactions with all people in AIC competitions and also in how we express ourselves.

Respect for self and others

We value sportsmanship, evidenced by the demonstration of humility, dignity, fairness, generosity, gratitude and fellowship.

Social Justice

We value individual people as evidenced by the demonstration of equality, service, solidarity, and fairness.


We value participation and mateship to foster a strong sense of community as demonstrated through engagement (within and beyond the Colleges). This also means recognition of varying rates of development.


We value the spiritual development of people as evidenced by behaviours of morality, ethics, compassion, and peace.


We value physical, emotional, and social safety as evidenced by the development of a positive self-concept through sport and other activities.


We value a passion for all to achieve their potential through sport, as evidenced through enjoyment, involvement, and challenge of competition

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