St Peters and Villa are the 2020 Swim Champions!

Congratulations to Villanova College who took out the 2020 Primary Swim Aggregate yesterday. A very consistent effort by the Villa boys put them in front right from the first event. In the Year 5’s the Ashgrove boys gave Villa a real run, runners up by 20 points. Iona were a little more dominant in the Year 6’s though, winning the age group by 30 points. Villa’s second place in the Year 6’s secured them the primary shield. St Peters primary boys the big improvers, placing third in each age group and overall.

Year 5 Places: Iona, Villanova, SPLC, Ashgrove, SLC, Padua and St Pats

Year 6 Places: Villanova, Ashgrove, SPLC, Padua, SLC, Iona and St Pats.

Primary Aggregate: Villanova 401; Ash 354; SPLC 349; Iona 337; SLC 268; Padua 253 and St Pats 223


SPLC were again very dominant on the day with solid challenges from Ashgrove throughout. Ashgrove showed their depth and gained some handy points in the Div 2 relays – placing first in all but one relay. 20 records were broken at the carnival – an unprecented number. 3 records were broken by Event 6! St Peters nudged ahead during the 100m Freestyle events but the boys from Ashgrove were not going away and clawed valuable points back in the Backstroke races. Iona had some good showings in the Medley relays and a few 100m Freestyle races but just stayed that extra bit further back from MCA. St Peters ended up with 3 age group wins, 15yrs, 16yrs and Opens; Ashgrove won the 13yrs and 14yrs while Villa won the 12yrs. Villa only winning the age group due to the last relay by a touch on the wall and Ashgrove won the 14yrs by one point. A fantastic day of racing.

12 Years: Villanova, Ashgrove, SPLC, St Pats, Padua, Iona, SLC and SEC

13 Years: Ashgrove, SPLC, Iona, St Pats, Padua, Villanova, SLC and SEC

14 Years: Ashgrove, SPLC, Iona, Villanova, Padua, St Pats and SEC

15 Years: SPLC, SLC, Ashgrove, Iona, Villanova, SEC, Padua and St Pats

16 Years: SPLC, Ashgrove, IOna, SLC, St Pats, Villanova, Padua and SEC

Open: SPLC, Iona, Ashgrove, SLC, St Pats, Padua, Villanova and SEC

Aggregate: SPLC 564.25; Ash 523; Iona 419; Villanova 331.25; SLC 327.5; St Pats 275.5; Padua 223.5 and SEC 123