Winter winners!

3 winter sports….3 different schools take the honours. There was no splitting Villa and St Peters for the chess honours. Both schools fought it out right til the end of the season, St Peters just beating Villa by one point overall. Their 1st IV teams shared the premiership and Villa even won more team titles than SPLC but the depth of St Peters shone through in the end.

Ashgrove took out both the First Football and Rugby – a huge feat! Ashgrove were once again outstanding on the rugby field with all of their teams for 2019 finishing in the top four. MCA took out 5 premierships with Iona coming in runners up overall.

SLC also took out 5 premierships in the football comp, with all but one team finishing in the top three – a wonderful display of depth and development. Lauries have come back strong this year, taking the aggregate title away from Iona. Iona finished second overall.