Track and Field 2020

Congratulations to Ashgrove and Villanova who have taken out the senior and primary track and field titles respectively. Both schools dominated early and their consistent performances are to be commended, and evident in the age group results.  The leader boards did not change much at all throughout the two day event with Villanova, Padua and Iona leading in the primary and Ashgrove and St Peters fighting it out for the senior aggregate, with Iona and Eddies holding on for the minor places.

6 records were broken at the championships. The age group results are as follows:

Villanova won both the Years 5 and 6; St Peters won the 12 and 13yrs; Ashgrove won the 14, 15, 16yrs and Open.

Overall Aggregate Results:

Primary: Villanova 547, Padua 458.5, Iona 456, Ashgrove 450.5, St Laurences 370, St Patrick’s 321, St Peters 317

12yrs – Open: Ashgrove 781.5, St Peters 686, Iona 587, St Edmunds 529, Padua 466, St Laurences 440, Villanova 436.75, St Patrick’s 383.25