Marist Ashgrove wins the 17th annual Track and Field Championship

Marist College Ashgrove has won the 2015 Track and Field Championships – the first time since 2006.

Iona College won the inaugural Years 5 & 6 Shield.

Ashgrove won the 15yrs and 16yrs age groups as well as winning the aggregate by more than 120 points. Here are the final placings: Ashgrove, Iona, St Laurences, St Edmunds, Padua, St Patrick’s, St Peters, Villanova.

Iona were too strong over all in the primary championships, winning both the Year 5 and 6 aggregates and the overall result by 100 points. Here are the final placings for Years 5 & 6: Iona, Ashgrove, St Patrick’s, Villanova, Padua , St Laurences, St Peters.