Grand Final Finish for Rugby Season-AIC Rugby Season Review

The AIC season came to a dramatic end with a ‘Premiership Decider’ in the First XV competition and a perennial AIC Rugby Aggregate winning school regaining the coveted AIC Aggregate Shield. It has been another exciting, skill filled season in one of the largest schoolboy Rugby competitions in Australia.

For the third year in a row, the AIC First XV Premiership was decided on the final day of the season with two schools battling it out for the prestigious premiership. In a repeat of the 2023 decider, Padua and St Laurence’s would play in Round 7 with a win for Padua rewarding them with an outright premiership and a win for St Laurence’s resulting in a shared premiership between the Kedron and South Brisbane Schools. This scenario was set up by Marist College Ashgrove in Round 6 inflicting the first defeat on the St Laurence’s First XV since 2019- an incredible run of results for St Laurence’s and one that community should be incredibly proud off. In the deciding game, the fighting spirit of St Laurence’s was on display, responding to a positive and fast start by Padua with St Laurence’s hitting the front midway through 2nd half. Not wanting to let the opportunity slip two years in a row, Padua rallied late, scoring two tries before St Laurence’s converted a penalty to set up a grandstand finish. With St Laurence’s mounting an attack, Padua were able to secure the ball and kick the ball out to claim an undefeated premiership. Final score 27-22. Congratulations to Padua College for winning First XV Premiership title for the first time since 2016. St Laurence’s, Iona and Marist College Ashgrove finished the season sharing second place.

Padua – First XV Rugby Premiers

Padua College First XV Coach, Mr Andrew Clyne highlighted the dedication of the Padua squad to claim the premiership.

“An amazing end to the season for the Padua boys. After an early November beginning to pre-season, mini-camp, an Ireland and UK tour and the regular season we were fortunate enough to become undefeated champions. The boys have worked so hard on and off the field and thoroughly deserve the trophy.” Mr Clyne said.

Mr Clyne also highlighted the wonderful achievement of St Laurence’s over the last 4 years and thanked all those who supported the team this year.

“Congratulations to St Laurence’s College after 4 seasons of dominating the AIC competition. Many thanks go to the Padua sports department, parents, Mr Donaghue and Mr Webb for their efforts and support this season.” Mr Clyne said.

With a large number of the players in the 2024 Premiership team only in Year 11, Padua College will be looking forward to the challenge of defending the First XV Premiership next year.

In 2024, Marist College Ashgrove regained the Aggregate Shield for Champion AIC Rugby School. This was the school’s 22nd Aggregate Championship and was built across excellent results in all 12 ‘Aggregate’ Premierships. Across these 12 premiership divisions, the Marist College Ashgrove team finished in the top 3 of each division. Marist College Ashgrove continued to have the strongest presence in team numbers in the Association, each week 34 teams representing the Ashgrove school.

Marist College Ashgrove, Director of Rugby Mr Richard Graham was proud of the achievement.

“It is nice for the coordinators, coaches and students to be rewarded for their efforts. The AIC is a tough competition, and all of our teams have been consistent throughout. We have created an aligned and integrated approach from Year 5 through to Opens, and our teams are playing some wonderful running rugby”. Mr Graham said.

5 schools won individual Rugby division premierships in 2024. These included Padua’s triumph in the First XV Premiership.

Marist College Ashgrove was able to achieve outright premierships in the 4th XV, 10C, 9B, 9C, 8C, 7B and 7C. In one of the closest and most exciting premierships, Marist College also shared the 2nd XV premiership with Iona College.

Iona College secured the 3rd XV and 8B premierships and shared the 2nd XV (with Marist College Ashgrove) and 8A (with Villanova) premierships.

The Open Rugby teams at Villanova will be strengthened over the next two years with players from Villanova’s undefeated 10A and 10B premiership winning teams of 2024. Villanova also secured a shared premiership in the 8A competition.

The success of the St Laurence’s First XV over the last 5 years will be great inspiration for the younger students at the South Brisbane school.  This year, St Laurence’s secured the 9A and 7A premierships undefeated, with a highlight being the 7A team going through the season only conceding 3 tries.

The standard of Rugby being played in Year 5 and 6 continues to build each year and it is wonderful to see the endeavour, enthusiasm and enjoyment our youngest Rugby players display each and every week of the season. Whilst the Association does not award premierships for these development years, schools will be able to celebrate very successful seasons within their own community.

The Association is grateful for the support of the Queensland Rugby Referees Association (QRRA). The QRRA does an incredible job each week during the season appointing referees to AIC fixtures. Thank you to all of the school-based referees. Without the support of the QRRA and school-based referees a Rugby competition as large as AIC would not be able to occur.

Again, this year, the Association has received great support from the Queensland Rugby Union (QRU) and the Queensland Reds. The supplying of First XV Match Managers and Livestream opportunities for the that competition, along with the QRU and Reds commitment in player welfare and development through both talent identification and coaching accreditation and pathways is wonderful support to the AIC. Special thanks to Mr. Gaven Head- General Manager- Community Rugby for coordinating this support.

Thank you to all coaches, managers and trainers for your support of teams and to all parents who assisted with volunteering on canteens and your positive involvement in 2024.

AIC Rugby Division Premierships 2024

Division Premiership winner
1st XV Rugby Padua
2nd XV Rugby Marist College Ashgrove & Iona
3rd XV Rugby Iona
4th XV Rugby Marist College Ashgrove
10A Rugby Villanova
10B Rugby Villanova
10C Rugby Marist College Ashgrove
9A Rugby St Laurence’s
9B Rugby Marist College Ashgrove
9C Rugby Marist College Ashgrove
8A Rugby Iona & Villanova
8B Rugby Iona
8C Rugby Marist College Ashgrove
7A Rugby St Laurence’s
7B Rugby Marist College Ashgrove
7C Rugby Marist College Ashgrove

AIC Rugby Aggregate Championship

1st Marist College Ashgrove
2nd Iona
3rd Villanova
4th St Laurence’s
5th Padua
6th St Patrick’s
7th St Edmund’s
8th St Peters