Ashgrove and Iona win Track and Field 2018 in style!

Congratulations to Marist College Ashgrove who have taken out the 20th AIC Track and Field title. Not only did they dominate on the track but the field results were just as impressive. Ashgrove placed first in 25% of the events held, a wonderful achievement. It is an outstanding result for one College alone to win 4 of the 6 age groups and place second in the other 2 (winning 12yrs, 13yrs, 15yrs and Open). This is the fourth year running that Ashgrove have won this championship and they did it in style by a massive 159 points from Iona and St Peters.
Congratulations to St Edmunds who took out the 14yrs age group and St Laurences who won the 16yrs. 10 records were broken throughout the carnival.
The minor places in the senior comp was a battle with only 14 points separating 3rd to 7th. The second day of competition was hot and challenging for athletes and officials but no less effort was shown by all involved.
Iona College replicated that of MCA, in the primary aggregate, winning both the Year 5 and 6 ages and taking it out the aggregate shield by 60 points from Ashgrove.
Both Ashgrove and Iona must be commended for their strength and consistency in track and field. Well done to the boys and the coaching staff.
Thank you to all member colleges who made it a great two days of competition.
Ashgrove 767.5
Iona 608
St Peters 566
St Laurences 520
St Edmunds 482.5
Villanova 481
St Patrick’s 446.5
Padua 445

The age group and aggregate scores are in the link below.
AIC T&F Aggregate Scores 2018