2024 AIC Swimming Championships

On Tuesday 5 March, the Association hosted our annual Swimming Championships. This is always a major day on the AIC calendar and the 2024 Competition definitely did not disappoint with a number of outstanding individual and overall team performances. In 2024, the Association again invited Ambrose Treacy College to compete in the championships as a guest, joining the 8 member Colleges for a memorable day of swimming action.

Primary Championship
The Primary Aggregate championship was a very close tussle throughout the day with the lead changing almost after every primary school event. The Villanova team was determined to retain the shield they had won in 2023 with both Marist College Ashgrove and Iona College battling also to regain the championship that both colleges have claimed multiple times since the primary championship was first swum in 2015. After a solid performance by Iona’s four, 4 x 50m Freestyle Relay teams to finish the carnival, Iona were able to claim the primary championship for a third time and first time since 2016. Marist College Ashgrove finished second with Villanova in third.

Primary Championship Points
Iona College 400
Marist College Ashgrove 375
Villanova College 346
Padua College 296
St Peters Lutheran College 280
St Laurence’s College 243
Ambrose Treacy College 206
St Patrick’s College 190

Iona – 2024 AIC Primary Swimming Champions


Secondary Championship
The AIC Secondary Championship over the last decade has been dominated by St Peters and Marist College Ashgrove with many memorable clashes between the two ‘swimming powerhouses’. 2024 was expected to be no different. St Peters started the carnival extraordinarily well- winning eleven of the first twelve secondary school events to set a strong marker for the rest of the day. Outside the two schools battling it out for first place in the championship, competition was fierce for 3rd place between Villanova, St Laurence’s and Iona with each score check showing the schools within just a handful of points. After an outstanding display in the final freestyle relays, St Peters were able to cement their position as AIC Secondary Swimming Champions for 2024 and claim the title for a 12th time. In 2025 they will be seeking to equal Marist College Ashgrove’s AIC Record of 13 Swimming Championships. Marist College Ashgrove finished second in 2024, with Villanova holding off St Laurence’s to claim third position.

Secondary Championship Points 
St Peters Lutheran College 698.50
Marist College Ashgrove 581.50
Villanova College 439.50
St Laurence’s College 432
Iona College
Ambrose Treacy College 260
Padua College 257
St Patrick’s College 215
St Edmund’s College 166

St Peters- 2024 Secondary AIC Swimming Champions

Year Level/Age Group Champions 

Year 5 Marist College Ashgrove
Year 6 Iona College
12 Years St Peters Lutheran College
13 Years St Peters Lutheran College
14 Years Marist College Ashgrove
15 Years St Peters Lutheran College
16 Years Marist College Ashgrove and St Peters Lutheran College
Open St Peters Lutheran College

AIC Records Broken 

10 AIC Swimming Championship records were broken throughout the day. In one of the most hotly contested races of the day, both St Peters Lutheran College (1:49.02) and Marist College Ashgrove (1:49.56) broke the previous record (1:50.35) in the 16 years 4 X 50m Medley Relay. Finn Morton (St Peters) highlighted the record-breaking achievements with 3 records on the day.

St Peters Lutheran College – 16 Years 4 x 50m Medley Relay – 1:49.02 (Previous Record: 1:50.35)
Lucas Wang (St Peters)- 15 Years 50m Breaststroke- Division 2- 32.28 (Previous Record: 32.35)
Daniel Sadimenko (Marist College Ashgrove)- Year 5 50m Freestyle- 31.29 (Previous Record: 31.64)
Aiden Clark (St Peters)- 15 Years 50m Freestyle- Division 2- 24.91 (Previous Record: 25.31)
Finn Morton (St Peters)- 15 Years 50m Freestyle – Division 1- 24.05 (Previous Record: 24.57)
Finn Morton (St Peters)- 15 Years 50m Backstroke- Division 2- 28.68 (Previous Record: 29.21)
Finn Morton (St Peters) – 15 Years 50m Butterfly – Division 2 – 26.16 (Previous Record: 27.22)
Marist College Ashgrove – 14 Years 4 x 50m Freestyle Relay- 1:46.07 (Previous Record: 1:46.09)
St Peters Lutheran College – 15 Years 4 x 50m Freestyle Relay- 1:38.49 (Previous Record 1:41.19)
Marist College Ashgrove – 16 Years 4 x 50m Freestyle Relay- 1:37.35 (Previous Record: 1:38.52)


The AIC would like to acknowledge the support of the Swimming Championship host colleges- Marist College Ashgrove and Iona College, Sleeman sports complex, Swimming Queensland Officials, Pat Hoelscher Photography, Tempus Media and all officials supplied by AIC Schools.

Images of the Carnival 

Please find below link to the 2024 AIC Swimming Championship Video, along with an image gallery of photos from the carnival.

AIC Swimming Championships 2024 Video