About AIC

Mission Statement

The purpose of the competitions arranged by the AIC is to promote and provide a range of sporting and associated activities. This competition will encourage the participation of students from our member schools in the spirit of our Christian ideals.

It is also to set in place a number of rules and guidelines which encourage this participation, foster good sportsmanship and respect for others.

The aim, at all times, is to allow this to take place in a climate of genuine friendships and competition which encourages harmonious relationships to exist between staff and students of all member colleges of the AIC.

Code of Conduct

The main aim of the Associated Independent Colleges organisation shall be “to promote and conduct various forms of inter-school activity, with a view to fostering a spirit of fellowship”.

It is acknowledged and accepted that each school has its own standards of conduct and that it is within the jurisdiction of the Head of College to ensure that those standards are maintained; nevertheless it is hoped that some commonly accepted norms of behaviour designated herein would be observed on a uniform basis throughout the Association.

Please download AIC Code of Conduct here